CHICA World Cultural Promulgation Centre
In order to take advantage of Hong Kong’s position as a melting pot of world cultures, where East meets West, in collaboration between Confucius Hall and International Chinese Academy Education Foundation, CHICAPCWC aims to build up a network for the promotion of Confucianism and advancement of scholarship in the field of China study and become a platform for scholars with enthusiasm in study sinology, sponsored and supported by International Chinese Academy Education Foundation.

As an integral part of the Confucius Hall Hong Kong, CHICAWCPC actively facilitates the high quality cultural activities by gathering expert scholars to pursue the depth and breadth of Chinese culture, holding lectures, seminars in texts, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and social customs to the public.

In order to further promote the studies of Confucianism to the Greater China region and beyond, CHICAWCPC is partnering with leading education institutions in Hong Kong, and top universities around the world to perform research on the incorporation of traditional Chinese values with elite Western education ideals. Through collaboration with top scholars from elite academic institutions, such as Oxford University, Peking University, and Hong Kong University, CHICAWCPC aims to inspire the next generation of students, and to promulgate the essence of world culture to the Greater China region.

Furthermore, CHICAWCPC is dedicated to providing high quality Chinese and world cultural education in partnership with top education institutions in Hong Kong in order to educate the next generation the importance of traditions in high-end education.


電話:  (852) 3955 8588 地址:  香港銅鑼灣加路連山道77號
            77 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong